summer jungle

dress: tobi
jacket: vintage

The most useful thing I've learned as a blogger is how to not visibly sweat. Like I'm actually melting in these photos, but I look fairly upright still. It was 100 degrees. That's two zeros, one too many for mid-May.

Incredibly, amazingly, against so many odds, I survived finals week with my GPA fairly intact. Honestly, towards the end there I was contemplating tossing in the whole thing and moving to Peru with Katie. I felt like my mum would maybe take a very dim view of that though, so for now I'm just enjoying not carrying a backpack. My spine might decompress just in time for the next semester.

My entire MO for summer is to dress as easily as possible, because let's face it, getting dressed in this weather is gross and no one wants to do it. Starting with this outfit, I want breezy dresses and light layers. See example A - this dress. It has a bit of shape that makes it fitting for morning and night, but isn't so tight that I just slide out of it in a puddle.  It's patterned, and dOESN'T WRINKLE. This is so important - avoid summer clothes that wrinkle. Just trust me. I also really like leopard print/matching my grandmother's 80's wardrobe.

Because I live in the desert (aka the entire STATE OF CALIFORNIA) it gets cool at night, and this jacket is necessary for late adventures.

Or, you know, creating a personal sauna, as displayed here.

x Justina

ps. I'm a homie, and I want to let you in on the secret of Tobi: they have all your faves (dresses rompers, skirts, sequins, cardigans, bodysuits, midi's, crop tops, etc) and ur first order is 50% off.  have fun with that. 

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flip and flow

dress: american eagle
boots: caterpillar
bralette: aerie

It's so HOT. Not just this dress, but the weather. El Nino is a distant memory, and the only proof that it even happened is that our lakes have actual water in them. With that said, the dress is pretty cute too. It's a perfect summer cut - there's not a lot happening, but it easily fits everything you could be doing during the day. Little details like the straps in the back elevate it from a standard school outfit to ~fancy barbeque~ acceptable. I also very much enjoy dancing in it because the skirt is flowy but doesn't do the thing where you have to hold it down so you don't flash someones grandparents. You know what I'm talking about.

 Remember when everyone was obsessed with those ChloĆ© stud boots? It seems like it just happened, but that was basically in my sartorial childhood. Literally every blogger and their mother had a pair, and then they just disappeared. These boots remind me a lot of a southwestern interpretation of those, and I love it. I'm equally impressed that they're from Caterpillar - not a traditional maker of hipster boots, but surprisingly proficient at it. They're also incredibly comfortable, and the buckles make a very satisfying clunking noise when I walk.

Today was my last day of classes. I still have finals, but am effectively done with my first full time semester of college. I'm really unclear on where the last 16 weeks of my life went. I've learned about oxford commas, il imperfetto, delayed ledes, yoga breathing, and the very bizarre history of California. (Fitting.) I've also found a strange little family, and a lot of stress, in my (award-winning) college newspaper, and eaten a prolific amount of really good food. Shoutout to Tim for never letting me starve, Jordan for letting me angry write at midnight, and Hannah for copy-editing my life/being a generally angelic sunfish.

It's time for summer though. Some classics will be making a reappearance: Sallie + our annual road trip, camp, and LA. There's also some new stuff in the works.

Like sleep. 

x J

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day without shoes

sneakers: toms

I have a lot of things. Things like electricity, running water, and shoes. So many shoes. Shoes I don't even think about in the morning, because I can just assume they're there. For a lot of people around the world, that's not their reality. Kids in many countries, more than you'd think, are going through their day barefoot, because they just don't have shoes. I cut my feet in three different places just taking these photos, standing stationary on a path, and these kids are out walking miles. 

 So on May 10th (that's tomorrow, if you're calendar challenged like me), you can help TOMS give some of those kids something to walk through the world in. Here's the deal: for their Day Without Shoes, TOMS is going to donate one pair of shoes for every instagrammed pair of bare feet that hit the internet (with the hashtag #withoutshoes, you weirdos), up to 100k pairs. 

That's it. All you have to do is take your shoes off for thirty seconds*, and someone else will get to put a new pair on. 

x J

*It may take longer if you wanna get fancy with your photo, but please don't pull a Michael Scott and get near any Foreman grills.

ps. That's the extent of my ability to find humor in feet. I know I've failed. 

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take care of yo'self

25 photos of my face that you didn't need in your life

Drake says he'll take care of me, but I'm an independent woman who don't need no man (unless Drake asks, in which case I definitely need him) and I can take care of myself.

It ain't always easy though. Not only is there no time in life to treat myself, sometimes I feel like I'm just patching up cracks when they get too big to ignore. That is no way to stay in the game. If you're gonna keep yourself and your instagram strong, you gotta be living your #blessed life. So I made a list of 25 easy ways to take care of yourself, inspired by this Friday night tweet.

1. Say "I love you" - to a dog, a plant,  a human. Sharing love makes you feel good.

2. Wash your face - a really good scrub or even a quick rinse will refresh your life.

3. Drink some water - if you're thirsty, you're dehydrated. If you're not, you're still dehydrated.

4. Coconut oil - on your face, in your hair, on your skin, in your coffee, on your problems.

5. Send a cute text - see no. 1. "Good morning sunshine" is my personal choice.

6. Laugh at something - even if it's yourself.

7. Smile for 30 seconds - there's legit internet science behind this, it makes you happy.

8. Do a BuzzFeed quiz - personal fave.

9. Read your horoscope - they aren't bible, but they are entertaining.

10. Make a list - it doesn't have to be a "to-do", but it will help sort out your day.

11. Daydream about an adventure - then make a change jar for it.

12. Keep your nails correct - chipped nails only seem like no big deal until they're fresh painted.

13. Do your hair - 30 extra seconds can take an actual bed bun to a cute messy bun.

14. Learn about the world - listen to NPR or This American Life on the way to wherever.

15. Listen to music - a good song can change your mood. Just ask Drake.

16. Get dressed - pajamas seem like a great idea, but real clothes are good too.

17. Make plans - not just with people, but with yourself. Go to a museum. Read a book.

18. Read something - whether it's Tolstoy or Elite Daily, read some real words.

19. Spend time - take five minutes for whatever your hobby is and do it.

20. Stretch - do some quick yoga or just reach for the ceiling, give your bones some room.

21. Enjoy your food - pay attention to how it tastes, and how it makes you feel. Eat meaningfully.

22. Clean out - I promise you that you don't need 3/4ths of what's at the bottom of your purse.

23. Dance - just one song. Get yourself out of the corner.

24. Do your work - you never have as much time as you think you do.

25. Do something you enjoy - something that really makes everything else worth it.

My life gets crazy easily, and I'm pretty prolific at procrastinating. If I don't start, I'll stagnate, and nothing gets done. I'll slip on one thing, then another, then suddenly it's Monday and I have no coffee, no homework, and the same outfit as yesterday.

And hey, I've already got #10 sorted for today.

x J

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you, me, NPR?

prom 2014

Justina rule #46: When NPR calls, you get your butt in a studio and pick up the phone.

Here are some things I thought about while recording for NPR:

  •  I should drink more water. my entire life is very dehydrated.
  •  I wonder if Ira Glass listens to Weekend Edition?
  • Oh my god Ira Glass might hear my voice 
  • Thaaaat's going to damage my chances of ever getting on This American Life.
  • Prom was fun. Why aren't there adult proms?
  • I do listen to NPR.
  • The fabric my prom dress is made of is probably illegal now.
x J 

ps. to listen to the entire segment, click here ▾


sun touched

romper: tobi
sneakers: converse
bralette: aerie
tote: little brick bookstore
sunnies: toms

It's getting to that point in the summ- wait, it's still spring? HAH, okay, whatever you say.

It's getting to that point in the spring where it's so disgustingly hot already that I'd prefer to not wear any clothes at all, but if I have to, they need to be light, flowy, and not touch my skin.

A romper seems OBVIOUS, but I'm 5'8 and most jumpsuits (dresses, swimsuits, shirts, all clothing in general) are made for people considerably shorter. The biggest bummer in the world is seeing a cute one piece and stepping in only to realize the collar is somewhere around the middle of my stomach. With that said, some creative layering can always add upper length.  My new Tobi romper is my favorite kind of simple, with a little bit of flair. It's also loose enough to work for any height. The Aerie bralette is an easy ~staple~, and takes this from a tragedy to a tall girl look. Plus, in the summer, bralettes > real bras any day.

I only realized this morning that I've worn my converse every day this week. I always had this lurking suspicion that they cut my legs off, but I'm dedicated to the high top aesthetic.

Today one of my professors started talking about finals and I was very suddenly brought to terms with the fact that the semester ends in a month, and then it's SUMMER. There's already so much on the books, it'll be interesting to see how it all works out. And what shade of dirt my converse will be once it settles.

x J

ps. because I'm a homie, I want to let you in on the secret of Tobi: they have all your faves (dresses rompers, skirts, sequins, cardigans, bodysuits, midi's, crop tops, etc) and ur first order is 50% off.  have fun with that. 

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drop a beat

First of all, it's festival season, so here's a quick reminder:

But with that said you can always find a new song by asking that one friend who swears they're the next Alesso. You can also drop a line in the DM's of your local friendly fashion blogger, asking the name of the song she WOULD insist on lip-syncing into your brain via snapchat. She can always pick a hit. Or at least something with easily memorized bars.

1. Don't Let Me Down // The Chainsmokers
No shame in my game, I've been bandwagoning The Chainsmokers since the Selfie days, and this beat is LIT.

2. Die a Happy Man // Nelly (But actually Thomas Rhett??)
Honestly was sO confused by this. Like Nelly? WYD? Country music? But it's so good. Nelly brings the R&B that the sweet country lyrics needed.

3. Team // Iggy Azalea
I was an Iggy stan for so long, but after Fancy, that train took a sharp turn into culturally appropriative basketball wife crazy-town. With this song, she is finally getting back into what made me love her in the first place.

4. Rise Up // Andra Day
Everything about Andra Day makes me feel uplifted and like I should try a little harder with my hair. For best listening, put this in a playlist with anything by John Legend and slowly apply smooth eyeliner.

5. Hands to Myself // Selena Gomez
I never watched the Wizards Of Waverly place, so this wasn't a Miley-esque rebranding for me. It was just Selena making the music I didn't know I really wanted from her.

6. Of All Things, Order More, You Got Me, Calm Down, just basically the whole thing // G-Eazy
My love for Gerald Earl Gillum is well documented both here on the blog and in my bank account. This album didn't change a thing.

7. YOUTH // Troye Sivan
I would like to run away with Troye Sivan and just listen to him transform standard elevator musak into glorious low-key EDM with stunning lyrics.

8. Oui // Jeremiah
I have so many questions for Jeremih. Why does he spell his name like that? Does he speak French? Does he come up with his own wordplay?

9. Sound Of Your Heart // Shawn Hook
Solid recommendation by Pandora on this one. There's nothing I love more than a British boy professing his love using a short sequence of non-specific anecdotes.

10. You Don't Own Me // Grace feat. G-Eazy
This song has classic G-Eazy markings all over it, but needed Grace's soaring voice to pull the whole act together.

11. i hate u i love u // Gnash
I don't even really know what this song is, but I like how it feels.

12. Crooked Smile // J Cole
I KNOW it's OLD but it's also J. Cole which means it's a classic and can be revised at any point for instant ~feels~.

Et voila, you are now all set for jamming out alone in your room while watching all the fun every single other person on the planet is having at Coachella.

x J

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farm mom

jeans: american eagle
shirt: h&m
shoes: moheda toffeln
bag: toms

Please, ONE more person greet me with some variation of "oh there's a little hole in your pants". It's hilarious. Really. It is.

Over the years, I've definitely been heavily impacted style-wise by my work in 4-H. Don't get me wrong, most days I'm ~hella punk rock~ but every once in a while, you'll get a ranch mom day and I commit. The loose bun, the leather accessories, the practical shirt. Although not immediately apparent, these jeans worked in perfectly. Their cut is definitely a bit looser than my regular look but they sit nicely, and despite missing a solid chunk in the middle, they've got a cute figure. I'm also not as bothered by their utter destruction as I thought I'd be. It seemed like something that was going to be hard to dress up as what my mother refers to "acceptable in public", but their structure saves them.

A quality white button down is a basic staple everyone should have. Fourteen button downs is an obsession only I have. In my never-ending quest to clear out my black h-, uh, closet, I've realized that I basically wear the same four outfits in varying colors. It's interesting that I'm becoming one of Those Fashion People whose style can be summed up in a twelve slide post on Refinery29. I think it creates a unique challenge: I'm whittling down to my capsule wardrobe, but still want to keep it original every day. Or at least on the days I don't have class. All two of those.

We shot these photos on Monday, and it was both raining and blindingly sunny, because California does what it wants. It also rains on my camera and makes my outfit photos not-so-strategically blurry.

PSA: if you blindly shove your foot into your jeans at 5am, and they have holes this big in them, there's a solid chance that you will just stick your whole leg through.

x J

ps. March is over today? lol 2016 u wild 

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march madness

all photos taken with a fuifilm x30

tie dye tank: american eagle
leather jacket: selfridges

Today, in the name of spring break insanity, Maia, I, and my newly pierced nose (more about that later) got on a 6am bus. This bus, which necessitated both of us waking up earlier than we ever do for school, took us on a very bumpy trip to San Francisco. We had this wild idea that it'd be fun to take a day off and wander, so wander we did. For ten and a half miles.

That's not a typo. According to various step counting bands and apps and whatnot, we managed a whopping 10.5 miles up and down the hills of the city, and that was on only like three cups of coffee. It's truly amazing what the human body can do when motivated by food and shopping possibilities.

We don't live far from SF, so this wasn't a completely one-off experience for us, but it was fun to just explore. Sometimes when you visit a place too much, you forget to take time out and see new parts of it, or just slow down and enjoy them. By foot. In direct sunlight. For nine hours.

So here's what happened:

* A cappuccino at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe, where I definitely abandoned Maia to order because I was not cool enough to talk to the barista's.

* A solid ramble round Chinatown, where we picked up lotus cakes and sesame balls at the Eastern Bakery. (10/10 would recommend) We also snagged a couple of those "The City" sweatshirts that are hand-woven by Steph Curry out of the magic he uses to shoot 3-pointers.

* A clam chowder bread bowl at Boudin's bistro because A. I am always ALWAYS hungry, and B. if you come to SF and do not eat Boudin's sourdough at least once, your entire trip was pointless.

* Flower (And clothing. And coffee. And LUSH.) shopping in Union Square, because fresh flowers make everything brighter and also ~aesthetic~.

* A gorgeous sunset out the window of the bus I was on illegally, as technically my return ticket was for the next day. Oops. There was a gorgeous sunrise out that window as well, but I was half asleep and couldn't be bothered to get the camera out.

The best part about the fashion scene in SF is that you will have a very difficult time telling the hipsters from the homeless. The secret is in the conversational topics - if it isn't The Life of Pablo or the possibility of joining someone's friends start-up, 

they're not a hipster.

x J

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instaqueen, just add wi-fi

all photos from my instalife, filtered through vsco cam 

You know when you do Buzzfeed quizzes and they ask you what your favorite social media platform is? I always answer instagram. (I also end up with "Rihanna" as the answer 8 times out of ten.) 

Instagram truly is my favorite, and not just because I have more friends there than I ever will in real life. It's because it, more than any other platform, truly shows me other people's worlds. I get to see lives I won't, or can't, lead, and places so far you're amazed they even uploaded. It's also placed me in a community of very insanely creative people, and all they art they produce with their lives. It's amazing what kind of adventures people can fit in a square.

With all that said, I wanted to introduce you all to some of the cool people that fill up the feed I'm incessantly refreshing. 

Nesrin - I'm just going to have no chill for one minute (hah): NESRINISSOCOOL. I wanted to be her internet homie for sO LONG and Liz made it happen.

Leo - Guys, I talk about Leo so much and we've never even gotten to meet in person. His life is insanely interesting. Even Miley Cyrus thinks so.

Liv - I don't even remember how I found her account but I'm glad I did because it's always good to have one future basketball wife in the squad.

Brianna - I am so obsessed with how gorgeous her entire life is, and how well she documents it.

Berna -  Bernaaaaaaaa. Berna is what I hope I am as an adult.

Jaime - I get to WORK with her. I'm never not excited about it. And her eyebrows.

Kat Marie - Her feed just gives me absolute aesthetic envy and I'm FINE with it.

Anders - This is what complete Scandinavian-themed mental peace looks like to me.

Ellie - MY BRITISH BABE. Ellie's feed is exactly Ellie and I love it almost as much as I love her.

Dylan - I really want him to be my friend because he does all of the cool stuff in the Bay aka land of the hyphey

There's honestly so many more. Just take a cruise through my inexcusably long following list. Instagram is all about introducing the new, the next. Things you didn't even know were happening, and the people experiencing it. There's also so many good selfies. So many. 

Leave your handle in the comments so I can stal-um, check out your feed.

x J

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