july playlist // drown out the fireworks

"Justina, it's the 28th. Might be time to do the monthly playlist."

 I'm sorry that it took so long but you know what
you guys sent in a LOT of suggestions,
 and I have only two ears,
 and as I now know, 
using each of those ears individually can't be pulled off.

Plus, how am I meant to know if I'm properly obsessed with a song 
unless I listen to it until I've memorized every lyric?

But I think this one was worth the wait.

We have my favorite AJR song, hands down, AfterHours. Their lyrics blow my mind sometimes.  Listen, dance, and understand.

KONGOS + Kalin and Myles are straight up dance jams.

I recently got Hulu+, 
and so like any sane person,
 decided to watch 5 seasons of Community in a week.

That's how I met Troy Barnes aka Donald Glover
aka Childish Gambino when he's shopping with his mum.

It was a bit like seeing a Kardashian in Walmart: 
unexpected and brilliantly hilarious. 

I of course had to include one of my favorites off his first album Camp.
Next themesong of "Troy and Abed in the Morning"?
 Last but not least in any sense are my favorite blonde siblings. 
Last week, 
R5 dropped an EP, Heart Made Up On You
with 4 songs that will make up a big chunk of your future playlists.
"Things are Looking Up" is a sunshiney number
 that brings an American Authors vibe without being too skip-a-long.

So there you have it,
 the sounds of July. 

Now just overlay the noise of fireworks
 and people swearing when the aformentioned fireworks land on their foot, 
and you're all set.



as always,
 if you have suggestions for next months playlist, 
drop 'em in the comments.


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five word friday // on shoes

 dr. martens c.o. dr martens

Dr. Martens are the main babe.


childhood dream: acheived

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reach your inner abercrombie

 photos by Katea Pirgaru

oh my GOSH Mum, I told you, 
I'm soft grunge now

Over the weekend, I had a photoshoot with my lovely friend Katea, 
who is insanely talented. 

We shot a bunch of photos for outfit posts, 
various other projects, 
and the ongoing documentation of my hair refusing to fit withing the boundaries of gravity.

Some of them came out looking vaguely like one of those posters you make out through the dimness hanging on the wall of an Abercrombie store.

 Or so I've heard. 

Not like I've ever gone in an Abercrombie and
 stared at the posters of beautiful people on the walls or anything.


Look for more of Katea's photos of my hair proving Sir Isaac Newton wrong
and over
and over again
coming soon.


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in italia//la dolce vita

 dress c.o kling // shoes c.o bc footwear // bag: souve

So I signed up for my first ever college course: elementary Italian.

Mainly because I think Italian is the best language for talking about food, shoes, 
and your opinions on other people's food and shoes.

Also because Italy is a beautiful country full of beautiful people 
and learning Italian is about as close as I'm going to get to being one with them.

(My people, however,
 are much MUCH better at soccer.


The reason I bring all of this up at all is because I just watched "Under The Tuscan Sun" and it made me think about a lot of things. I'll try to not spoil it if you haven't seen it, but BASICALLY, this incredibly tragic divorcee moves to Italy, 
and life ensues. 

She goes through all of this in that strange wardrobe so loved by the women of 2003. 
You know what I'm talking about
As the story progresses, she starts dressing more and more Italian,
aka 2003 but better
 eventually ending up in fabulous loose sundresses that she wanders gardens and such in.
This is my Italian sundress.

Or rather, Spanish.
It was made by the incredibly talented Kling designers in Spain, 
and it just FEELS like summer sunshine and tomatoes and market days and blue water beaches. 
Paired up with my favorite wedges, 
it's a perfect wandering outfit.

 Now if plane ticket prices could just calm down,
I'd be Italy bound.

Speaking of things that are unreal:
my mums grape vines are out of control.

It's time for them to grow up 
and stop trying to strangle innocent fashion bloggers using them as backround scenery.


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music mondays// justina x ajr

aaaaarrreee you readdyyyyyy

No, this is not the beginning of a WWE showdown.

 It is, however, the beginning of my interview with AJR brother and ukelele extrodinaire Ryan Met. I recently had the chance to talk with him about their upcoming album, street performing,
 and happy penguins.

You and your brothers have a really unique sound. 
Who are you listening to when you’re just chilling by your self?

Ryan: Oh man. Okay, it changes. Right now, I’m really into the Lorde album. When I first heard it, I was like “Hmm, these all sound sort of the same.” But the more you listen to it, you realize that her value is really in her lyrics, and her simplistic production. I think she really did something special with Pure Heroine. Let me think, what else...There’s a Clean Bandit song that I’m guessing, or hoping, rather, is going to be a big hit here. It’s called “Rather Be”. I really like that one.

You guys have an album coming out later this summer. 
You must be super excited, especially because you did it all yourself, right?

Yeah! The album is called “Living Room” because we wrote, produced, recorded, and mixed the entire thing, from start to finish....in our living room.

Wow, that’s impressive. I can barely work GarageBand.

Thank you, haha. It’s a really exciting album. I think what people like about “I’m Ready” is that it’s weird, and it captures your attention. There’s doo-wop, and dubstep, and Spongebob.....just weird influences. You’re going to hear a lot of that on the album. Because there was no one telling us what to do, we just thought “Let’s go crazy with this. Let’s take a lot of risks and push “pop music” to the next level.” And I think, or I hope, that really comes across.

One of my campers actually caught the Spongebob bit - I never watched it as a kid.

Really? Wait so what did you- did you watch Nickelodeon?

I didn’t, I was a Disney child. I feel like you have to be either one or the other.

Ohhhhh okay. Well that’s good too.

That’s really awesome that we appeal to 9 year olds. You know, we did this for about eight years from our living room before bringing it to the world, and so we had no idea who or what our demographic would be. We’re finding out that it’s really wide spread. We’re on this Lindsey Stirling tour right now, and she has this primarily college/edm crowd, but then she has high school fans that love it, and older fans too. She’s got 50 year old men coming, and then they’ll come up to us afterwards and tell us that they loved the music. And now I’m finding out we appeal to nine-year-olds!

That is really awesome. There aren’t a lot of bands or artists that can really appeal to people across the ages without dumping one somewhere.

I know, I recently went to a Macklemore concert and there were eight year olds and eighty year olds. It was so cool to see everyone just enjoying music together and having fun.

We need more fun music.

We do. I think there's definitely some of that in Living Room.

Do you have a special memory from making the album? 
Something that’s going to stick with you forever?

Hmmm. It probably has to do with the making of I’m Ready. Jack, my younger brother, came to me and was like “You know Ryan, someone like David Guetta or Skrillex or Avicii, one of these EDM guys, should sample fun stuff before the big drop.” At the time I was like “Oh yeah, that’d be cool.”. Then a few months later, I was working on what turned out to be “I’m Ready”, and I had the claps in, the doo-wop and dubstep stuff, and it just sort of came to us like “oh my gosh, THIS is the song that we need to put Spongebob in. It’s going to be hilarious.” While we were making it, I never really imagined that it would take off, because it’s had been seven-ish years of us with very little mainstream success. We were kind of our own little niche band playing to our isolated fan base in New York City.

Well off of that, what’s your earliest musical memory?

Well, we were raised on music of the 50’s and 60’s. So Beach Boys, Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, the Beatles. Our parents introduced us to stuff like that from a very young age. I remember listening to..it was probably like Simon and Garfunkels “Sound of Silence”, their big hit, and trying to match the harmony. The three of us, just sitting around trying to copy what they were doing - and that led to us eventually street performing. For like five or six summers in a row, we went out to Washington Square park, got the ukelele out, and tried to raise enough money  to get ProTools,
 and a microphone, stuff like that.

That’s a big part of New York culture specifically, isn’t it? Street performing?

Yeah, definitely. When we meet people who aren’t from New York they think we were like, homeless. For us, it just seemed like the first step. I mean, we’re not going to go on any tours. Let’s go make some fans. And yeah, there are homeless people performing on the street, but they were always the first to stop and listen.

Well it paid off- you’re on a pretty big tour! What are the best and worst parts?

 Best part: we get to meet and interact with all of our fans. We connect a lot on twitter, so it’s fantastic to get to match up faces. Worse part: There’s no days off. We say yes to everything. But it’s definitely a good balance.

Makes sense. You’re a big hit on twitter, and you recently started a tumblr. 
Which one is your favorite?

Definitely Twitter.  I like it better because I feel like it’s the closest connection we can get with fans, and it’s immediate.

I just followed you guys (@ajrbrothers). I’m excited.

Fantastic, we’re really good at twitter.

AJR went on tour with Hoodie Allen for a while - what’s your favorite Hoodie Allen song?

Favorite Hoodie Allen song...Small Town.

YES, that one’s good. 
Okay, last question: you guys get compared to the JoBro’s a lot.
 If you could join any other boy band, who would you choose?

Boy band..oh man, that’s hard..I guess like N’Sync from the 90’s or something?

No One Direction for you?

I don’t think I have the hair for it.

One direction hair or not, 
Ryan and his brothers are on track to be the indie darlings
 (can that be used for boys as well??) 
of 2015, 
and I am SO ready for Living Room

Make sure you're following them on twitter, insta, and tumblr 
so that you don't miss a single ukelele-tuned moment.

x Justina

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summer snapshot

dress c.o lulu*s//shoes c.o. bc footwear//purse c.o pepaloves//camera: Instax c.o Fujifilm

This is one of my breeziest summer outfits. 

This dress has been a staple for me since I got it last September.
 It's super easy to dress up or down.
 I've taken to wearing it with either these heels or my Converse high tops,
depending on the amount of running that is happening.
ideally none, unless something is drastically wrong

  I'm also slowly getting used to carrying around less jun-
er, very important possessions,
 to accommodate for how small my satchel is.
Today's particular outfit was just for a day of rambling about eating ramen and taking photos. 

Speaking of: I have officially taken 200 polaroid photos.
yes I've been counting but so would you if you'd carried this camera around
 Its so insane to me to look at my walls and see 200 little memories all perfectly preserved.
polaroid gang 4 life




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icons in space//millioneiress

 sweatshirt c.o. MILLIONEIRESS//shirt c.o. mnkr//leggings: romwe//sneakers:converse//

I am convinced that this sweatshirt is made of mermaid hair soaked in puppy tears or something

It is quite literally the softest thing I have ever worn.

You've probably seen it all over my instagram
and all over other people who thought they were sneaky. 

It's the newest addition to my collection of self-affirming sweatshirts. 
Millioneiress is run by some pretty boss babes, 
and they know whats what when it comes to declaring your fashion killa status via cozy outerwear.

I've been trying to photograph it for ages, but every time I do,
 I end up being so cozy that I just fall asleep.


You guys asked me to start doing more "casual" looks.
So here it is.


 I am trying really hard to not make any more Interplanet Janet jokes 
so I think I'll just leave now.


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music monday//queen of the cover

I am really unclear on how I feel about "Kesha". 

I mean, she seems cool and all, but...
where is the glitter? 
The gold tooth? 
The dollar sign?!?!?!?

However, I'll give her all of the gold stars for pulling it together 
and putting on her big girl mick jagger inspired menswear.

I'm really interested to see where she goes with this new version of herself.
since I'm assuming she won't be hitting the city feeling like p diddy.

Or will she?


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travelin' punk rock // soft + spikes

 #teenvogue shirt c.o MNKR // pants c.o motel rocks//shoes: converse//
bag c.o hippe hebbedignjetes//bracelet: c.o. stella and bow

 So I'm STILL at camp, 
but I haven't abandoned you.

I am sharing this outfit with you...
from the past.

MNKR could not have been more spot on with this shirt. 
Most importantly, 
it's soft.
 But it's also really cute and has a fantastic graphic.
 I wasn't very spot on with my focus 
and every close up of it makes it appear that the shirt says "travie moor wuk loss".

So you'll just have to use your imagination.
This is one of my more

Plaid pants tends to have that effect on everything.

Or maybe it's that my bag is bristling with enough spikes
 to give several TSA officers quite the thrill.


only three more days until we are properly united.
me and my wifi, that is.

and you,
 I suppose.

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