get dressed

dragon eyes lace dress: fame and partners

I never, ever, ever wear backless dresses. They are precarious and require special bras and perfect posture, all things that I possess in very small quantities.  But when Fame and Partners gave me the chance to customize my own dress, I took a jump. I figured I can't just wear t-shirt dresses everywhere. Though I have tried. 


There's something exceptionally enjoyable about putting on a fancy dress. As a kid it was fun because I had a vivid imagination and thought I'd have a life when I got older. As an "adult" (lol k) it's fun because the clothes fit. I will say, however, that I find it ironic that the older/fancier you get, the more people you need to help you get dressed. It took three of us to get me in and out of this number.

Those zippers, much like any aspiring rapper, don't come up on their own.

x Justina

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where's the mouse?

dress + shirt: wild blue denim
overalls: h&m

Disneyland is a lot of things. It smells incredible, tastes even better, and looks exactly like you've always thought it does. I've gone four or five times, and every time I walk through the gates, I remember why it costs the equivalent of a first born child. It's the most magical place on earth. 

Jordan knows me well, and that's why he knew there was nowhere else for us to celebrate our one year anniversary. I'm not exceptionally sappy or romantic, 
but I am partial to dole whip and Carsland. 

x Justina

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let's talk business

As the blog and audience have started to grow lately, I've had more questions about the way I work with brands, how I do business, and what's important to me. I've been asked to talk about my "real life" as though I can somehow manage to multi-task lives. Guys, I can't even cook and read a book at the same time (or cook at all, but that's besides the point). But I realize that there's always a little mystery surrounding a girl on the internet, and I think it's important to to talk about it. 

The brands I work with are an ethical cornerstone to me for a reason: they don't own my soul, and they've never asked to. I make sure I love something before I even think about telling you guys about it, even if that means sending awkward breakup texts. I always reserve the right to be like "ehhhhh better not".

If I do get paid for something, same rules apply, plus actual trade laws that require me to tell you I got paid, which I don't have a problem with. I'm a college student, textbooks are expensive, and you should all know I eat top ramen like five meals a week.  I get to do cool stuff by the grace of my job, not my bank account.

That kind of real life stuff can't be filtered through VSCO, but it's just as important. I never want to fall in with that group of internet people who are suntanned and smiling in the feed, but sad and angry in their house, and so being down with you guys from the start was always my agenda.

Speaking of: did y'all also forget that I had a face under these glasses? I did.

x Justina

ps. oscars are this weekend, come hang out with me on twitter aight

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going out

Boots + backpack: TOMS
jeans: dstld
jacket: colombia? north face? something outdoors-y


I'll be the first to admit that I am far from an outdoorswoman, which is a shame because I live in such a beautiful state full of The Great Outdoors, but every once in a while, I need some non-filtered sunlight. Yesterday, Jordan and I loaded up on a massive breakfast, and hopped in the car to go see some big trees at the (very confusingly named) Big Trees State Park. Admittedly, going on a three hour drive with nothing but four cans of grapefruit LaCroix and a vague idea of what the weather might be like was not the safest move, but it was the fastest. Upon arrival, we discovered that there was not only snow, but copious amounts of water to sqiush around in Jordans shoes. My feet, for once, were dressed appropriately in my TOMS Summit boots. Because it ~doesn't rain here~, I hadn't had a chance to test out their waterproof ability until suddenly I was knee deep in it.

Speaking of being knee-high: these trees are huge. I've lived in California my whole life, and seen some truly majestic displays of nature, but our trees never fail to blow me away. Some of the ones in this park are over a thousand years old. Isn't that crazy? At best, my life will be 1/10th of what theirs is right now. It's both a terrifying and peaceful thought to realize that this tree doesn't care about geography grades, or finishing research abstracts, or getting to work on time. It just keeps growing and cleaning the air and dropping branches on unsuspecting tourists every once in a while.

So here's the point: ditch the planner, get in the car, and go see some trees now, 
before our President starts saying nature is fake science. 

x Justina 

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sign up here

it's me again, your perpetually absent favorite blogger

There's some weird stuff going on around here, and I'm not just talking about the fact that in a fit of delusion I signed up for six classes this semester. People are losing their minds, and their ability to be people, and it's quite frankly a mess. In an effort to help us all survive, I made a list of three subscriptions that you should invest in to keep yourself happy.

1. MeUndies - YOU GET FRESH MEUNDIES IN THE MAIL EVERY MONTH. Not only is your butt now comfy af, it's a great surprise if you haven't done laundry yet this week. Each month, they come out with a new design, and send it to you in your favorite style. My plan is to eventually amass a huge collection and do away with pants entirely. $16 to start, $14 every month after.

2. Amazon Prime - My Amazon addiction is out of hand, I know, but in my defense, it's because I got Prime. It fascinates me, and the free two-day shipping blows my mind. HOW DO THEY GET THINGS HERE SO FAST? Also, how do they get so many of the things? Plus, I can now watch as many PBS Masterpiece programs as I want. $99 a year, but 50% off + a free 6 month trial for students (cause we're all broke)

3. Audible - okay so when you get the Prime subscription, there's gonna be this little notice floating around Amazon about your free Audible credit. You might, as one did, accidentally click on it and then sign yourself up, so that you can get your free audiobook. You may then both fall in love with Trevor Noah, and audiobooks. Things happen. Weirdly, the more time I spend reading textbooks, the less time I have to read book-books, and this makes sure my brain doesn't rot entirely. $14.95 

So there you go. The world may be turning into a giant dumpster fire around us, but we will be in snazzy underwear listening to Aziz Ansari talk about modern dating rituals and receiving lots of packages.

x Justina

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do you remember when

All photos printed on a Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-2

As I sit on my living room floor in a last minute attempt to pack like an adult for my trip to Ireland (which is in...nine hours.) I suddenly realized I meant to write this blog post, and decided to do this instead.

Looking at these photos now, I remember my main point all over again, which is that I forget absolutely everything. I had already lost so many memories from my trip to London, which was a whopping four weeks ago. It's honestly tragic/upsetting when I think about the fact that one day I'l actually BE the old person whose mind I've got now.

I am terrible about remembering to charge my camera but fanatic about charging my phone, and my camera roll is hoarding enough memory to prove it. I gave my Instax SHARE a bit of a workout and printed out all these snaps from our trip to London and Watford. Besides giving me cute little prints to add to the gallery slowly conglomerating on my wall,  the grain makes everything look more elegant than it was, and also covers for Sallies...energetic photo taking. (She's going to kill me for saying that.)

(But then I don't have to pack.)

x Justina

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all we got | 2016 in review

Alright 2016, it's time to shake hands and call it good. 

Good it was - this was a crazy year full of incredible opportunities and moments. I was on NPR, Bloomberg and MTV's snapchat, I traveled all over the planet, and saw all my favorite rappers. I went to the desert, the city, and summer camp. I wrote and laughed and posted a photo on Instagram every single day. The whole world went nuts like eight times, but I still made it through Italian. Credi che รจ un coincidenza? No. It was a lot of work, but completely worth it.

2016 was a year of trying new things, and being down for the adventure. It wasn't all custom photo filters and flawless outfits though. I had a complete meltdown into my various Starbucks cold cups at least once a week, but Chance the Rapper doesn't want that for me. Last year, I was a little scared of 2016. My resolution was "Live even larger, and get better at what I want to be the best in." I finally got a drivers license, so you could say I'm balling out. 

My resolution for next year is: Do more of what you want. It's that simple.

 2016 is the year I got in the game,
 2017 is the year I get ahead of it.


 x Justina

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wishing you a merry cookie

 Justina's Recipe for Perfect Cookies for Those Who Cannot Bake:

- Four sticks of butter (unless you're Paula Deen, in which case, six.)
- 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar
- Four 1/2 cups of flour

- Mix it all up in a bowl, squish it into a roll, slice it into shapes, 
and bake at 325 degrees for like fifteen-ish minutes.

There's no photos of my finished cookies because they were slightly burned round the edges
 and that does not fit my domestic goddess aesthetic.

I'm wishing you and your family lots of cookies and a very Merry Christmas!

x Justina

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